Sunday at The Village–History of Railroads  

This week, the historical program on Sunday will recall  the “History of Railroads in Door County,” the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society meeting will be feature programs on Lunar and Solar Missions, participants in a three day Watercolor Workshop will be observing and interpreting the intricacies of flowers, and family programs will include experience-based activities such as “lessons” in the Vignes School and butterfly netting in the meadows.
Since before recorded history the Great Lakes waterways provided for easy travel and shipment of goods throughout the upper Midwest, including Door County. Thus, the encroachment of railroads was at times seen as a threat to an already thriving industry. Finally, in 1894, when The Ahnapee and Western Railroad wound its way into Sturgeon Bay, both methods of transportation worked hand-in-glove to foster a great partnership of commerce, industry and travel.
On Sunday, August 5, the Door County Historical Society is proud to present guest lecturer Paul Spanbauer. He  will describe the history of railroads in Door County.  Mr. Spanbauer brings a wealth of information about this fascinating period of time from well over a century ago.  The program begins at 2:00 pm and admission is free to the public.
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