School Bus Day at The Historical Village  

The  meadows at Crossroads are yellow with sunflowers, black-eyed susans and goldenrod, and for the next nine months, our parking lots will be yellow with school buses unloading or loading eager young students. Most folks have memories (fond or otherwise) about riding school buses. Consequently, the Door County Historical Society has declared Sunday, September 11 “School Bus Day” at The Historical Village.

In the early days of European settlement, Door County pioneer children usually got to school by themselves… walking along foot trails and rutted roads, hopping from felled log to felled log or balancing on stone fences to avoid the standing water in wetland areas. Some traveled to school on horseback,or in deep snow, on skis. Only during the most brutal weather would a parent hitch up the wagon or sleigh to give the neighborhood schoolchildren a ride. Of course, in those days, the school terms were designed around planting and harvest , and many schools were not is session during the worst of the winter.

By the early days of the 20th Century, schools calendars were similar to those of today, but children still walked to rural and neighborhood schools. But as school consolidation occurred over time, it became necessary to establish school transportation.

Educator and retired Superintendent of the Sevastopol School District Carl Scholz will give a presentation on the development of school transportation in Door County and Sunday and folks will have a chance to climb onto an antique school bus which will be parked in front of the Vignes School. The talk will begin at 2:00 and we’d like to extend a special invitation to current and retired school bus drivers.

Thursday, September 8
3:30 Family Program: General Store
Visit the Greene General Store and learn about the storekeeper and his family, and find out what’s for sale in 1900. Meet at the Greene General Store in the Historical Village at the Crossroads.

Sunday, September 11
1:30-3:30 Sunday at the Village: School Bus Day
Climb onto an antique school bus and visit the historical Village. At 2:00, Retired School Superintendent Carl Scholz will present a talk on the History of School Transportation in Door County. Free and Open to the public


Tuesday, September 13
3:30 Family Program: Heritage Garden
Families will enjoy a visit to the Heritage Garden, enjoy the insect visitors and perhaps harvest a few carrots. Meet at the Garden Gate in the Historical Village at the Crossorads. Free and Open to the public.

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