Village Open and “Wild Cat Joe” Marden  

Title: Village Open and “Wild Cat Joe” Marden
Location: 2041 Michigan, Sturgeon Bay, WI
Description: Eldor Kaiser will play the part of C.V Mashek and will tell you about his famous neighbor to the north, Wildcat Joe Marden. Joe Marden lived at the outlet of Shivering Sands Creek. Did Wildcat Joe actually bring a wildcat on a leash to a grocery store in Sturgeon Bay to rid it of mice? That’s a story Gerhard Miller told. Come and find out if it’s true, and learn more about one of Door County’s most colorful citizens… Costumed members of the historical society will be happy to show visitors through the historical buildings’

Start Time: 13:30
Date: 2011-06-26

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